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The most sumptuous quality hair is Natural Curly South Indian Raw Hair. This is what we call the real virgin hair. Here, we offer the most eminent Natural Curly South Indian Raw Hair. The curl patterns are never analogous; each bundle is truly solitary in its own way. We avail this hair in all natural colours #1b to #4; black, brown, blonde.

The natural raw hair needs to be nourished and hence requires more care. It needs to be moisturised and brushed on a regular basis with a wide tooth comb.

Our hair is 100% rough-hewn virgin hair, no chemicals, dyes or cleaners are used in any step of manufacturing. It is extremely thick and full from the roots to the ends.

We use high grade cotton based thread in our wefts to provide durability and longevity. Our Raw Indian hair is put through a multi stage hot wash and washed with herbal based shampoos and conditioners, once this is done the hair is sun-dried to ensure no use of direct heat.

Since our hair is 100% raw virgin human hair, it can most definitely be coloured. You can treat this hair just like you would treat your natural hair. Its best qualities are its durability and longevity. Hair cuticles are intact and flowing in the same direction. It can be straightened too, just like natural hair. It is available in various lengths and textures too.

Hair Professionals: This hair sells in the retail market at $75-$122 range per bundle.

Weft Hair Extensions Specs

Raw Indian Curly Hair. The curl here is 100% natural from donors with naturally curly hair. No 2 bundle will look same. Lengths below 20" are well curled where as lengths above 20" are more of a loose wave. 100% Natural texture and the only texture in the world that can be 100% straightened and always come back to exact same curl pattern when wet!

Hair Grade Preserved cuticle intact hair (raw hair). Steamed Curly, can also be done.
Hair Origin

Southern Indian temple. We produce this hair in our own factory in Shimoga, Karnataka (280 KM from Bangalore).

Product Longevity

3 years with proper care.


3.5 ounces (100 grams) per bundle

Shipping Time

South Indian Raw Hair ships directly from India to you. Total turn around time is about 7-10 business days. This texture is the rarest in India. 




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