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North Indian Raw Hair

With brilliant North Indian Raw Hair, we provide you the best quality hair ever. These are as luxurious as they can get. Being absolutely unprocessed in nature, this exquisite set of raw Indian hair is appreciated by all. All who are interested in buying hair can buy North Indian raw hair online with nothing more than a click. The entire process gets completed in a matter of minutes. These hair are naturally wavy and hence none get the essence of artificial hair. Being completely natural in outlook, these North Indian hair extensions are simply beautiful.

We are the best North Indian hair manufacturer and it hence becomes our responsibility to offer the best to the clients. Having said that, these raw hair are a little rough and can be taken care of with the help of oiling and other natural methods. They need to be brushed and combed regularly. Post sheer care, they can be made shining bright and lustrous. The foremost characteristic being perfectly North Indian in texture and look, these hair are in high demand in the market, resulting in higher production than ever. We always make sure that with every batch that we manufacture, only better products are supplied. Lasting more than any other artificial hair, one can always vouch for its quality and superiority.

With us, you will always get variety. You can easily access North Indian short and long hair and every piece that you would pick would reach you post intense scrutiny, following impeccable service. With thinner strands, these hair belong to superior quality. With a wavy texture and weight of approximately 35 ounces, these hair would be the best you would have ever come across. These have unsurpassable quality, owing to the hard work and endless efforts put behind the entire manufacturing process.

Hair Professionals: We recommend to sell this hair with an install at the same time. You can easily offer this hair in the  $150-$200 range per bundle.

We stock this hair in North- America for wavy texture and can ship it very fast (2 days anywhere to USA)


Weft Hair Extensions Specs


Hair Grade


Hair Origin

Southern India. This hair ships from India directly to you

Product Longevity

1 year to 3 years with proper care. Raw hair requires more complex hair care. 


3.5 ounces (100 grams)

Shipping Time

We stock this hair in Canada and can ship in 2 days to USA. We prefer to sell this hair to stylists only. 

We allow to sample one bundle to try it.



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