Tape Hair Extensions

Using tape hair extensions is the best way in which one can increase the length of her hair on a temporary basis. These extensions are of high quality so that they gel very easily with the current texture of your hair. We offer I-tips as well as U-tips. These facilitate dense hair which look healthy and lustrous. These tape extensions are available in various colors and shades. These wide varieties of the colors are made available so that all find the shade they prefer the most. Also, post the application of these best tape hair extensions, they offer an amazing hair ratio which makes the hair look balanced and natural.

For full head, it’s recommended that either 40 or 60 pieces are used at one time. It imparts full coverage and it would look that you have dense natural hair with impeccable shine and beauty. The hair extensions being provided are of Indian and Vietnam origin. We also deliver Germany imported hair which have been pre-taped from double sides. All these hair strands in the extensions would be of the same size; implies there wouldn’t be any thin end. All the extensions have been perfectly sized and trimmed in order to make them look beautifully sculpted.  

With digitization seeping in the market, clients from any corner of the globe can place order for these tape hair extensions. This would let you buy tape hair extensions online, facilitating the delivery of these extensions right at your doorstep, with negligible efforts. You can buy them, try and then decide for yourself. You are bound to love them endlessly. They are very comfortable to use and apply on your head and once fixed, you can let them stay with you till the day ends and even after that. You wouldn’t even feel a thing.

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Tape Hair Extensions


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