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South Indian Raw Hair Natural Straight Unprocessed

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The South Indian Raw Hair is original in its name itself. The day you add it to your beauty, you will be on top of the world. South Indian Raw Hair is what everyone craves to get on their scalps. The shine and roughness is the most amazing thing which is rare in natural terms. You can enhance your look in many ways; be it curly hair, wavy or straight. Also, it can be looked in either way by bleaching or colouring it.

South Indian Raw Hair is soft, healthy and thick. The quality can be improved if you oil them regularly and shampoo it at times. Coconut oil is the best suggestion to keep the volume of the hair healthy. The hair gets weaved with a finish look, in bundles.

Here, we provide you the best quality South Indian Raw Hair in bulk. These Bundle Deals are a great way to start selling raw hair or to stock up on this beautiful hair. These packages consist of one, two or three bundles for each length from 12" to 26" for our South Indian Hair for a total of 8 or 16 or 24 bundles. The price is discounted for wholesale. Shipping is already included in the price all you need to do is check out!

South Indian Raw Hair Resell Price: $120 to $180 per bundle.

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