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Spiral Curl 8A Human Hair is fabulous in texture and 100% virgin hair. It is superior in quality, cuticle-free and well- weaved hair. If you like hair that is versatile and flexible when it comes to styling, then Spiral Curl 8A Human Hair will be the best choice. It is amazingly superb in texture that gives you dazzling smile, making you cute and cool.

Spiral Curl 8A Human Hairis a popular and fashionable choice because its texture and colour are easily matched to many ethnicities.It is the hair with complete hair strand and has not been weakened by stripping. It is weaved professionally, pulling out damaged and short hair.

Spiral Curl 8A Human Hair is 100% cuticle intact single drawn human hair. It is steam-processed to obtain the texture. This process does not damage the hair and does not involve chemicals. This hair can be styled, ironed and dyed up to #27. Spiral Curl 8A Human Hair looks slightly processed, but feels amazing.

This hair is 100% cuticle intact human hair with a very good ratio of long strands to short strands, which makes the ends full and not thin. We use our best hair for this grade and it is the quality we recommend for professionals. Chandra Hair is the best place to getprofessional quality Spiral Curl 8A Human Hair.

Wefts are pre-sealed and there is no shedding or tangling.

Weft Hair Extensions Specs

Spiral Curl

Hair Grade


Hair Origin

Our 8A hair lines are produced in our factory located in China. All styles are available such as Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian etc.

Product Longevity

8A last 1 year to 2 years

This texture requires special care and can tangle or shed more than other textures if not cared for properly. 


3.5 ounces (100 grams). Heavier sets available on demand

Shipping Time

8A is processed same day. Total shipping time takes 2 business days for USA and  Canada and 3 business days for anywhere else in the world. 8A takes 2 days to  process. Total shipping time is 5 business days to USA and Canada and 5-6  business days anywhere else in the world.

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