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9A Virgin Human Hair Extensions are the highest quality human hair. It is naturally black or dark brown in colour, it is extremely silky, smooth, and glossy in comparison to other hair types and textures. This hair blends well with straighter hair textures unless you are using a closure to complete the install of this hair type. This hair can last up to two years with very minimal shedding, and tangling. This hair is capable of being dyed while still maintaining its integrity as long as the hair extensions are cared for properly.

Our hair is 100% virgin hair without processing or dying, if washed with care, it lasts long.The hair is cuticle intact, no grey or damaged hair.

Our sample package for Grade 9A hair consists of 5 samples of 5 different textures for you to be able to test the quality of the hair. Each sample weighs 20 grams.

You get one of each:  Straight, Bodywave, Deepwave, Loosewave, Curly

You will receive the samples within 5 to 7 days.

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