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Natural Wave 8A Human Hair is one of the best suggestion in wave category. Its soft and silkier texture is amazing. The hair is excellent- you cannot go wrong with this hair! The day you wear it, is the day of compliments for you. The natural wavy texture is the 2nd most-liked hair in 8A Human Hair category after Bodywave.

The natural wave makes hair look bouncy and tangle-free. This hair is steam-processed to obtain the texture, but does not affect its quality. You can take care of this hair just like your own natural hair. The combing and oiling process is the same that you use for your own hair. Use high quality shampoos for best result.

The hair can be coloured, bleached or dyed. No shedding, only softness!

Chandra hair grants you the perfect Natural Wave 8A Human Hair. The hair is just so well; it gives you the finest wavier hair. Natural wavy hair goes with every face-cut and body shape. You just need to do is to care a little. If your care, it will definitely make you proud of your choice of choosing the best of best Natural Wave 8A Human Hair. Natural wavy hair is the new trend in fashion industry, so why lack behind and not go to explore your fashion! Because every women deserves a chance to become sexier and confident. Wave is the new fame!

Hair Professionals: We recommend to sell this hair with an install at the same time. You can easily offer this hair in the $34-$70 range per bundle.

Weft Hair Extensions Specs

Natural Wave

Hair Grade


Hair Origin

Our 8A hair lines are produced in our factory located in China. All styles are available such as Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian etc.

Product Longevity

8A last 1 year to 2 years


3.5 ounces (100 grams). Heavier sets available on demand

Shipping Time

8A is processed same day. Total shipping time takes 2 business days for USA and Canada and 3 business days for anywhere else in the world. 8A takes 2 days to  process. Total shipping time is 5 business days to USA and Canada and 5-6  business days anywhere else in the world.