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Natural Straight 8A Human Hair is a boon to the 8A Hair category. The flawless texture, soothing and shiny look, makes the picture-perfect! This hair can be blend into numerous hairstyles, goes with every outfit and every physique. The quality of stiffness in this hair is incredible.

The natural color of this hair is 1B, an elegant combination of off-black and dark brown. But it can be colored, bleached or dyed according to your wish. Washing it with cold or lukewarm water will be the best. You can style up this hair in any pattern; curl, wavy. When washed, it will turn out in its natural straight look.

The hair is available in all sizes; 8” to 30”. The Natural Straight 8A Human hair has a  good ratio of long strands to short strands, which makes the ends full and not thin.

Chandra Hair deals with its customers, provides this pattern of hair, the Natural Straight 8A Human Hair. Our quality is unique, which you will not find anywhere else. We are raw and our products are raw too. We ship our products after assuring the quality and packaging. We do not want our customers to get in trouble, so we provide you top-class hair.

Wefts are pre-sealed and there is no shedding or tangling.

Hair Professionals: We recommend to sell this hair with an install at the same time. You can easily offer this hair in the $29-$70 range per bundle.

Weft Hair Extensions Specs

Natural  Straight

Hair Grade


Hair Origin

Our 8A hair lines are produced in our factory located in China. All styles are available such as Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian etc.

Product Longevity

8A last 1 year to 2 years


3.5 ounces (100 grams). Heavier sets available on demand

Shipping Time

8A is processed same day. Total shipping time takes 2 business days for USA and Canada and 3 business days for anywhere else in the world. 8A takes 2 days to  process. Total shipping time is 5 business days to USA and Canada and 5-6  business days anywhere else in the world.