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Deep Curl 8A Human Hair is versatile and durable, for this reason it can be styled or curled constantly to get the best outcome. This hair goes with every outfit; it is multi-purpose. You can change your elegance without damaging hair or without brushing it repeatedly. It looks best on thin faces, the volume makes your face look even more beautiful and charming. It gives a plus to your personality.

This hair is well-sterilized repeatedly, after collection of strands and weaving. There is no tangle problem if you take good care of you Deep Curl 8A Human Hair or massage with oil and wash with best shampoo, just like your raw hair. This hair can be straightened or ironed with temperature below 140℃, it will not damage or cause roughness to your hair.

Chandra Hair is here for you to give you the best of the best, Deep Curl 8A Human Hair. It serves you with the highest quality hair. You just need to take good care of it. As deep curls are likely to tangle, but you need not to worry if you rinse them thoroughly by moving the towel downwards and not rubbing it, and detangle them with your fingers or wide-tooth comb. We advise you too tie this hair into ponytail while sleeping.

We are a leading agency of hair service, maintains our dignity by providing you the best hair in international market.

Hair Professionals: We recommend to sell this hair with an install at the same time. You can easily offer this hair in the $29-$70 range per bundle.

Weft Hair Extensions Specs

Deep Curl

Hair Grade


Hair Origin

Our 8A hair lines are produced in our factory located in China. All styles  are available such as Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian etc.

Product Longevity

8A last 8 months to a year


3.5 ounces (100 grams). Heavier sets available on demand

Shipping Time

8A is processed same day. Total shipping time takes 2 business days for USA and  Canada and 3 business days for anywhere else in the world. 8A takes 2 days to  process. Total shipping time is 5 business days to USA and Canada and 5-6  business days anywhere else in the world.